Court judgments are routinely issued in Austin against consumers in credit card cases. These are real judgments that are no different than the type of judgments that are issued in other cases, like business dispute cases. Our firm maintains an office in Austin and we have handled many cases in Travis and surrounding counties.

If you are the unlucky victim of a credit card or other debt judgment in Austin, you need to know that unless you act to settle the judgment, the creditor could go after your bank accounts. There is a myth that in Texas, a creditor cannot garnish a bank account. This is untrue. Bank account garnishments are very common in Texas and are not limited in scope to any particular type of lawsuit.

If a judgment has been issued against you, do not panic. We have resolved many judgment cases for our clients. We are a very affordable law firm. We charge very fair flat fees and we also offer free consultations. Feel free to contact us now to arrange for your free consultation.