El Paso County is the home of El Paso, Texas, and the El Paso civil court system. In recent years, this judicial system has seen an enormous rise in credit card and other consumer debt lawsuits. Most of the time, these lawsuits result in the entry of a civil judgment against the debtor. These are final court judgments that can cause havoc for the consumer.

If a judgment does get entered against the consumer, the consumer risks having his or her bank accounts frozen and then depleted in a garnishment action. Contrary to popular belief, bank accounts can be garnished in Texas. It happens all the time, and has become much more frequent in El Paso. Our office receives many telephone calls from individuals who have had their bank accounts garnished.

Our law firm negotiates judgment settlements in El Paso. We have a local office and we offer our clients no obligation free consultations. Our fees are fixed and very fair. Please call us now for your free consultation.