Fort Worth is located in Tarrant County, Texas. Judgments are entered against consumers in Tarrant County on a daily basis. Our firm has an office in Fort Worth and we have handled many cases in Tarrant and surrounding counties. Our attorneys have considerable experience in this part of the state and have negotiated many settlements here.

It is possible that your bank accounts could be garnished if a judgment was entered against you. If you were sued years ago for credit card or other debt and you ignored the lawsuit, a default judgment was likely rendered by the court. This type of judgment is the same as a trial judgment and could form the basis for a garnishment lawsuit against your bank accounts, whereby your accounts are frozen by the bank and the money then turned over to the creditor.

Our attorneys are professional negotiators and we have handled many cases in Fort Worth and surrounding cities. We charge very affordable flat fees and we offer our clients free consultations. Please contact us today to see if we can help you.